We’re a Virtual Education Solutions Company based in Bangalore.

Gumbi makes learning simple, meaningful, and enriching – to all – but especially to those who have no access to expert-led education.We have integrated analytics system to enable micro-assessment of learning progress which helps us introduce remedial teaching at targeted levels.We have helped 2 million+ students in schools and many more beyond school to fall in love with learning!


Every Class is Interactive and Designed for Micro Assessment

  • Virtual Classrooms connected to studio expert
  • Expert teaches using animations and real-life examples
  • Curriculum mapped digital content embedded with regular MCQs
  • Every student’s ongoing learning performance gauged using student assessment tools which derives analytics reports at multi-levels

Services that we offer

We work alongside Government User Departments, State Education Research & Training Organizations to design sustainable solutions.Committed to make use of available IT infrastructure in schools/colleges, we integrate our solution in your existing system. We make sure teachers and staff understand how to make the intuitive use of newly-found tools.

  • Define project needs
  • Custom build solutions developed for each State/district
  • Manage operations, managements, and maintenance
VSAT Network
Curriculum Mapped Content
Two-way Interactive
Services & Support
Student Analytics
Evaluation & Reporting

Why Analytics Powered Virtual Classrooms?

There are endless ways of making teaching-learning-administration processes better. Virtual Education packages the best technology, methods, and services. And allows for an easy integration in the existing education system. The solution has also been helpful to setup online education during COVID19 pandemic with apps for teaching-learning.

Make schools in your district/state future-ready with End-to-End virtual infrastructure, Digital Content, analytics tools, and virtual education apps.